Who is max hodges dating

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Who is max hodges dating

, where Patti set out to find love for two guys who I’m honestly not sure are capable of doing their own laundry.Thankfully, though, these man-children both turned out to be 89475239874 times nicer than Luke Rockhold.My first impression of Max is not good—it’s unclear whether the word “shower” means anything to him, he uses the world “gnarly” about 17 times in his opening interview, and, also, this is the way he describes what love is: “I mean that’s a feeling, it’s a sacrifice, honesty, you know, it’s supernatural, man! So why hasn’t Max been able to find a stable relationship, besides the fact that he doesn’t bathe?Well, Max is a man-child, too, and he doesn’t know how to go out and find quality women."Sonja and I have been friends for awhile through Jill [Zarin], but Sonja and I never had that one on one time.It was more like I was meeting an old acquaintance that became my friend through the experience," she confessed. We like the same things, the same type of men, we've both had rough times with love, but we are still open to it."The controversial couple came on the show this season to help Spencer's sister, Stephanie Pratt, find love.I guess the cubicle warriors at TMZ don’t care about their “friend”.

It’s also okay if you don’t make that connection, though, because Caroline is actually here with Chris, clinging to his side in every shot in much the same way I expect she’s clung to his side throughout every day of his 25-year existence.Being a super hottie and eating edible underwear for lunch, Max likes Guns 'n' Roses, Motorhead, and Johnny Cash to name a few of his musical tastes. He went to Cambridge at some point and had much shorter hair back then.He likes movies like Trainspotting, Heavy Metal, Waynes World, and The Blues Brothers. He seems to be quite the partier by the pics that can actually be found of him.Unsurprisingly, Chris’s love life is stunted because every girl he dates also has to get Caroline’s approval. He almost never brings girls home, and he has absolutely no game.Chris Manzo might be five or six years older than he was the last time he came on this show (yep, that happened), but inside he’s still that 13-year-old boy terrified to touch a girl’s waist during a slow dance.

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Patti’s worried that Chris is still a little immature.

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