Updating light switches

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Updating light switches

“It's just the wrong interaction paradigm.” His answer is the Brilliant Control — a small touchscreen tablet that replaces a light switch and is meant to control everything from lights (smart or otherwise) to music to smart ovens and sprinklers and whatever else you can hook up.The device has a 5-inch screen and is just a bit bigger than a traditional light switch.But installing a new light switch is a basic skill anyone can master. A double pole switch may sound like the logical step for a light controlled by more than one set of switches, but that’s not the case.Double pole switches simply feature two additional brass terminals (for a grand total of four) that allow them to control 240-volt circuits, usually for appliances or receptacles that require extra juice.Understanding how the switch is wired is the most important part.

The company Brilliant has sprung up to fill that gap.Whether you are wanting to change from the old almond color to white, or wanting to just freshen up really dirty outlets, having fresh, white, clean outlets and covers will instantly make the room feel brand new.You don’t need much to swap out switches and outlets.Science continues to prove that lighting affects our energy level, mood and sleep patterns more than we think — plus, it plays a tremendous role in altering the look and feel of interior spaces.Swapping out a traditional on/off switch for a dimmer is a fast home upgrade that provides immediate impact in any lighting scenario.

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Brilliant Control also includes Amazon’s Alexa, so that you can use voice control instead of touch.

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