Dating a chaldean guy

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Dating a chaldean guy

They also differ from other Iraqis in that their ancestral language is not Arabic but a dialect of Aramaic, also referred to as Chaldean, Assyrian, or Syriac.As a result of their religious and linguistic differences from other Iraqi immigrants, Chaldeans tend not to identify themselves either with Iraq or the Arab world, but prefer being called Chaldean Americans.The only way you will ever be able to get into a Chaldeans house is when you are respected and only that- respect is more important than anything and it goes both ways.Upon taking your shoes off after you close the door behind you, you are greeted by parents who want to know your last name and what village you're from and if you know 30-40 other Chaldeans they might think you're related to.They lose their focus on work and college.”“My friend had a scholarship to the University of Michigan.

So, basically you dating a half South European and half Middle Eastern man. I say that, because there are some half Middle Eastern people and half White people who come from families who don't allow them to marry anyone who is not Middle Eastern or European.Chaldean Americans are a highly religious people proud of their Christian heritage.According to legend, they were converted to Christianity by the Apostle Thomas on one of his missionary journeys to the East. Addai, an associate of Thomas, is revered as a Chaldean patron.) In the third century, they were followers of Nestorius, a patriarch of Constantinople who was declared a heretic by the Roman Church for teaching that Jesus Christ was not concurrently God and man. we are not officially in a relationship, still getting to know eachother etc.. do I stand a good chance of being in a relationship with him or even possible marriage Lol? I'm a black girl who has been going on dates with a half chaldean, half Italian man.. Chaldeans aren't exactly Arab.I heard they're very similar in their traditions...

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to make it simple: Christians that originated in ancient-Mesopotamia and now settle in northern Iraq...

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