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This means anyone can wake up one morning and decide “I’m a dating coach!

” Then they create a flashy website and start offering their services.

Their insight comes from a place of compassion – and that’s usually a big part of the problem.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

"Every woman should wear the best quality underwear that she can afford.

When I first meet with clients, they often ask, “But have you seen so-and-so’s videos on You Tube?

One particularly bad article made the rounds last summer. Basically, it said if you see a girl with headphones on, tell her to take them off so you can talk to her.

We all admire them and want to be like them, but have you ever considered that the dating advice some of our favorite Disney princess role models dish out is a bit shady?

“After saying that I wanted to save my first kiss for my wedding day, [someone said]…’I think that’s excessive. Learn to tie the cherry stems with each other.'” —Briana P. “You don’t have to waste time dating just anyone, but sometimes it’s fun to make out with boys.” —Julianne W. “Be rude to him so you can come off as ‘feisty’ and [he’ll] like you more.” —Laura C. “Take what you can get, another chance may not come along.” —Sadie M. “Maybe you should lower your standards.” —Cristina H.

Maybe try changing yourself up a bit and see if that helps?

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“If a guy likes you and you don’t like him, the solution to the problem is to just get a boyfriend so he’ll leave you alone.” —Kaylin G.

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